Embroidery & Clothwork in Mallorca


embroidery clothwork mallorca

Embroidery and cloth work are a big part of the culture in Mallorca, and many who are still into these unique crafts, most likely have had ancestors who have passed down the knowledge, skill, and teachings to their children and grandchildren.  Most embroidery and cloth work in Mallorca are detailed and treasured, with the items lasting for generations due to their high quality and the amount of love put into their creation.  You will often see embroidery and cloth work around most of the island homes in Mallorca, as these beautiful works of art are staples and have a lot of work and love put into them.

Why Embroidery and Clothwork in Mallorca are Special

Embroidery and cloth work crafted in Mallorca are special, as most of the items are created by hand and feature beautiful, timeless designs that will last for many years.  You can tell when you find a unique and beautiful piece of embroidery in Mallorca – the pieces will be designed with care and you can almost feel the love that the creator has put into each piece.  Beautiful designs, including flowers, patterns, and symbols, can be found throughout the pieces, as well as both bright colours and deep, rich colours that add plenty of character to the work.  The stitch work in Mallorca embroidery often consist of several clever techniques, including the chain stitch, the connected stitch, and the point stitch.  These stitches are a common identity mark running through many of the works you will see while visiting the island.

Finding Embroidery in Mallorca

Embroidery and cloth work can be found all over Mallorca, especially at fairs and festivals that are held around the island throughout the year.  While these fairs  are more popular during the summer months, you can on occasion still find these gift items during the winter months as well.  Many shops around the island, including those on the beach front, sell different kinds of embroidery and cloth, making them easily accessible for tourists and those who live on the island alike.  Craft fairs give local vendors a great opportunity to showcase their goods and it’s always a novelty to observe the workmanship of each item. It is important to remember that a lot of work goes into individual pieces, and because of this, it is always nice to support locals who try to earn something from all of their efforts in making them.

Mallorca souvenirs
Not only can these beautiful cloths and embroidery pieces be found as tablecloths, curtains, quilts, and blankets, but they are often made into clothing, creating unique works of art that are wearable!  Since embroidery is a work of art that allows individuality, you will see different techniques and designs varying along the whole of the island ideal for a souvenir.  The bright flowers, grapevines, leaves, patterns, and symbols found on the embroidery pieces and cloth work here set it apart from other areas of the world, and are the perfect way to take a little bit of the warm and sunny island home with you when you take your holiday here.

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